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What Our Clients Are Saying

At Gentle Touch Doula & Childbirth Education Services, we want to make sure mothers and their birthing partners have the most positive birth experience possible. Contact Gentle Touch today if you are interested in having a doula present at your birth.


She Made Labour Seem Comfortable

I have been lucky enough to have Suzanne for both of my children’s births and would recommend her and doulas in general. She made labour and delivery seem very comfortable. My husband the skeptic is sold on them too!

Couldn’t Imagine Doing It Without Her

Having Suzanne through pregnancy and birth was educational, comforting, and reassuring. We wanted to make sure that my wife had the support she needed and that this was not dependent on how well I handled the experience. It took the pressure off of me and my wife was never in doubt that she would have the support when the time came. This made the entire experience so much better. In fact, we asked Suzanne to be there for our second child even though we knew what to expect. We couldn’t imagine doing it without her.

Suzanne Was Thorough and Professional

Our first birth experience couldn’t have been made better! Suzanne was thorough and professional but most of all, effective and compassionate. She helped us navigate what we could expect and made me most comfortable (she has a repertoire of strategies and positions) during my delivery. Best of all, she made my wishes come true which were to have our little miracle naturally. As an added bonus (not that I knew it at the time), she talked my husband off the ledge. When I look back, our labour and delivery was a positive experience and something I’d be willing to do again with her support.

She Helped Us Make an Informed Choice

We were so happy to have Suzanne as our doula throughout my pregnancy and during labour! From the first time we met her, she took the time to go through information we needed to make an informed choice. During labour, she helped give tools and positioning to help turn our little one so we could avoid a C-section. Throughout the time we worked with her, I always felt like I had the info I needed to make a decision and she supported us, no matter the choice. Thanks Suzanne!

She Made It Possible

Suzanne is the best! I have had 2 VBACs now and I’m sure that without her, I would’ve had another C-section. She is so calm and knowledgeable. Labour was the worst, and I don’t think I could’ve done it without her! 6/5 stars!

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A Pillar of Knowledge and Strength

No words can tell you [how] much Doug and I appreciated your presence at our birth. As Doug put it, you were ‘a pillar of knowledge and strength’. You knew how to work with Doug and just what to say to me. The attention was so reassuring. Thank you for helping us carry out the birth plan as we desired.

Suzanne Was There to Pick Up the Pieces

A truly beautiful experience… Your husband will be so glad he has help for those awkward moments when he doesn’t know what to do for you or what to say to you. Don’t get me wrong – my husband was terrific, supportive, and helpful but was sometimes overwhelmed with the situations, as was I. Suzanne was there to pick up the pieces when we didn’t know what to try next. She knows when to jump in and help or to stand back.

You Showed Us the Way

It was like entering a dark room… You took our hands and showed us the way to the other side.

Vital to Our Birth Team

My husband and I cannot express how vital Suzanne was to our birth team. She was so supportive and informative throughout the whole process of planning our home birth and through all my prodromal labour episodes. Her humour, grace, and encouragement were key factors to both my and my husband’s ability to endure 22 hours of natural labouring. There is no bigger cheerleader, no more amazing birth coach, and no better Doula than Suzanne in my opinion. She is a part of our family now.

Suzanne is a Veteran

My husband said it perfectly: we were the two rookies, she was the veteran. Having Suzanne guide me through the birth of my daughter made my experience beautifully memorable and incredibly empowering. The most important factor for my husband and I was that we had never gone through this before! It was so important for us to have Suzanne guide us through our experience with her knowledge and her calming personality. I truly believe that Suzanne's presence was what kept me calm through labour at home and made me confident while delivering at the hospital. I am forever grateful to her for having been an essential part of the team that helped me bring my daughter into this world.

Calm, Caring, and Passionate

If there was a way to give a million stars, I would. Suzanne was an integral part of both of my birth experiences. One 12 hours, one 45 minutes! Being able to have two completely different, yet both natural and drug free births, are experiences I wouldn't trade for the world and I owe so much of this bliss to Suzanne. She is calm, caring, passionate. From the squeeze of your hand to the transfer of power in her gaze while you labour, she is with you every step of the way. Her belief in your ability as a woman is so obvious. She was meant to do this! Priceless photos taken, a birth story written, memories to last a lifetime. These are a few of the things she does to enrich the incredible and massively empowering beauty of birth. Thank you just isn't enough.

I Recommend Her to All My Pregnant Friends

Without the encouragement, knowledge and support of Suzanne, the birth of our son would have gone a very different way. Thanks to her we avoided a C-section and were able have a birth we could look back on with joy. Definitely recommend her to all my pregnant friends! We could not be happier!

Helped Us to Have the Types of Births We Wanted

Our experiences with Suzanne were excellent! She was our doula 2/3 births, and it would have been 3/3 had I found her sooner. Very knowledgeable, supportive, and caring. Listened to us and helped us to have the types of births we wanted. I highly recommend her!

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